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Easy Ways to Optimize Permalink In Blog

Good afternoon buddy Media Tenarkan may still be healthy well this time I will share back with the review Tips Optimizing Permalink In Blog, before continuing kepembahasan I will explain a little about the permalink so my friend can understand and understand before making the ropes.

Permalink is an address of a post in the blog which is certainly in it is an article and the other, when you make a post with the title that is too long, for example: How to Easily Increase Visitors On Blogspot, then the url of your blog will be cut into 4 or 5 words that This will greatly affect your SEO ..

To overcome this first, my friend had to know what it permalink. In my opinion, simpelnya permalink is a link to a post. For wordpress itself, permalink structure can be modified, for example by number or title of the post. As I explained earlier, bloggers simply make a link with 4-5 words only, but not on wordpress, along any of your post title, a number that is the length of the article permalink.

1. Shoot keyword.

At the time of writing posts on the blog, the first steps to first write the content of the article and then think of appropriate keywords that directly leads to the content. For example: auto readmore blogspot. Fill in the title of the article with that title. After that instantly save, do not forget to give an image to add to the quality of the article my friend, to optimize ganbar I will discuss in the next post so do not forget to book mark this website.

2. Revised Title.

The second step in the permalink optimization is to revise or change the title of the article. How open are saved article on this first step, then change the title of the article so that more SEO and more weight again. For example: How to make auto readmore on blogspot. Search for titles that are much sought after. The final step is to update the article itself to be more complete and to the point with the keywords that we shoot earlier.

3. Optimization Label

This label much ruled out a lot of people when I think of this label is very important to classify some articles that are interrelated and one lane in the discussion, a lot of real advantages but here I focus on grouping several articles with ongoing discussions like this article I gave the label Tutorials Blog in order to blend with the previous article.

4. Description

Description no less important to the label, as well as any post buddy without using descriptions then post mate will taste bland and lacking in search engines SEO Friendly, description of how to fill up your most important content of the article leads to a friend.

Okay so posting on this occasion that talks about Optimization Permalink I can hopefully serve to provide valuable information to you and may be useful Amin. Do not forget to like and share this article on the social media to be more useful again.

A few of my greeting always successful.