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Know Your Terms In Google Webmaster

After we discussed a lot like How to Blog Tutorial Blog List and others on the previous post, this time we discuss about Know Your Terms In The Webmaster.

Before continuing on the above discussion, I inform Google Webmaster bit is one of the many facilities provided by Google itself that functions one of them to monitor the progress of a website that has been registered in the webmaster.

The picture above is the appearance of the Google Webmaster pages, there are many menu on the left side, but I will not discuss the menu in this post, which I will now explain in detail is part of the part that I think is very important to note that we are not wrong in standing.

1. Query Searches

If the language crowbar if not wrong the Search Query, in a search query will show the results of the Keyword entry, unlike Google Analytic if there is a Search Query Visitor entries on our blog with Keyword, well this is where the function of the search queries that are made our blog appear in Searc Engine.

In the drop down menu Search Query agan can get a lot of information about the development of the website agan, and with some analysis is right and good then agan can decide where steps will be taken to do next, let us recognize and understand first term in Search Query ,

a. Queries
Keyword search query is typed in by one of the candidates "Visitor" in a search engine (,, google, uk, etc.) that will show search results, in the quest there is a link to our blog, like this chronology , there are people who want to find an information about Meme Haji Lulung by typing these words in google, well if we blog on it will appear in the call and put the results of the above query.

b. Impressions
I have explained in the second part under completely different from Adsense is not how many ads appear but here explains that how many people (visitors) who saw the blog agan in halamn search as an example in point (a. Meme Haji Lulung) I've seen blog more than 590 times on Google search pages.

c. Click
Here is also different from the dashboard Adsense, here is not the number of clicks on the adsense ads but here explains that how many people who click our url that had already appeared in a search, the number of clicks depending on the position of our articles on search engine on the first page or even in the yard the back, if on the first page I am sure will get clicks galore.

d. CTR / CTR
This is another difference as well with adsense, pokonya different point, here explains Engagement Ratio Ratio or Blog agan could say that perched on the search with the number of people who clicked on the blog url agan in comparison with other blogs, I am sure if the title of the article my friend was very excited and spur people for mengkilk what else emergence on Page One surely will be higher CTR.

e. Position Average score
Here to explain the position of the average url blog agan can be in the search engine with related keywords, such as the example of my blog with keywords above I get the position score at 2.3 to 1.1 score sometimes back again to 2.3, at least stable in the top searches.

2. Estimated Impressions / Click

If in a foreign language is less understand me, because minimal language hehehe, the function of this menu is to indicate how often the blog agan emerged and are in search google by visitors and how many visitors are clicking on our blog url in the search, different from the Estimated Impressions and click on AdSense, remember yes DIFFERENT.

3. Sitemap (Sitemap)

I think I need to explain not so many who know that this is, for those who do not know me explain sedkit, this feature is used to monitor the development and the index of the website agan that has been registered previously, if my friend has just made a blog is a very important step which is Submit Url to Webmaster's how I explained in my previous post complete.

Finally finished with the theme of this article jugak know Google Webmaster, I hope this post can provide much information about the differences between webmasters and Adsense in a sense, so let this article may be useful Amin.