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Optimize Articles With Maximizing Keyword

Good afternoon Tenarkan buddy, see you again with us, on this occasion we will present an article that I think is required pal How to Maximize Keyword learned that the article we are going to publish.

Keyword is a special word that is used as a benchmark for the Search Engine to display results in a search like google, in addition to the keywords is also very important to be directions for the search in the SE, to maximize the keywords can be located in several places, which can include keywords in posts , Meta Keyword tag, and another one on the homepage, so in building a website is very important for these keywords.

Actually a lot of ways that we can use to maximize the keywords to be optimal in the SERP results in Se, and his tips for how you can listen carefully below.

1. Meta Keyword Tag

Keyword Meta Tag is a very important function because the tag can be used as a benchmark keywords keywords that will describe the contents of a counter or article that my friend had, actually has been since the first Keyword is very in account because Google as search media loves and in desperate need of the keyword tag to facilitate and provide accurate search results and relevant.

In making Meta Keyword Tag should be a clear reference to the content you create, if the keyword is not relevant to the content of the article, the content or article my friend will not be in Reach by search engines ie

If according to Keyword buddy who want to install a very important and very good then please put a keyword in place at the beginning of posts on this post the word "Keyword" as the main bridge that will represent all of the contents in this post.

After that, proceed with some keywords derivative that can mate planted in the middle of the page, or it could be the last page to give effect to the good in the post as in this article I menisipkan word "Meta Keyword Tag" in the middle of the article and would I planted too late the posting says "How to Make Meta Tag" thus seek a buddy keywords already in the correct position and good according to Google.

2. Keyword In Post

As I mentioned above that a website must have a niche or can also be different as long as they can be linked to the content of the content that will be made later, as this post is still closely linked to posts sebelunya namely Permalink How to Optimize, therefore we must clever clever pick the words that we will make further benchmark in creating a post.

Examples of relevant keywords and still have a close relationship

a. Singles Keyword: Tips
b. Two Word keyphrases: Tips Blog
c. Three Word keyphrases: Tips to Make Blog
d. Four Word keyphrases: Tips to Make Blog Seo

Please adjust the relevance of the keyword to be pal planted in your website content, above only as an example only to facilitate buddy in the making and use of the keyword flow earlier.

3. Meta Keyword Tag Anchor

Meta tag this one can be found in the form of text that is in the middle of the article, just in the article that contains and has links to some or a friend who posts before or after that psotingan pal still considered to have links with other posts, then google would like merambahi and will quickly give a good index for your website.

4. Meta Keyword Tag Alt

Alt tag is most commonly found in the image we uploaded for inclusion in the post which will give a better impression and good in view for the reader, Alt tag is a lot of functionality so do not wrong in placing it as the alt tag should be able to provide information that clearly to explain all the content in the article.

Alt tags on images is very helpful that our post is getting ogled by search engines, because it is not just the article that will be indexed by google, gambarpun also be in Indexnya so images having clear information could give effect to the good also in the article.

Similarly, this post can I serve on How to Make Meta Tags, I hope this post can provide additional knowledge for us all and may be useful for all readers Amin ...

So much from me what if there is a shortage please add and if according to my friend this article helpful please give like and share this article on the social media to be more useful.

Greetings success always.